Feelings About a Trump Election

Yes. I am sad about this turn of events. I voted against him. I’m sad, depressed, upset about his win. 

Had he not run his campaign on a basis of fear- and hate-mongering, we might have a very different feeling in America today. His behavior, words, and actions seemed to have whipped a section of his supporters into a frenzy where they feel like being ugly, bigoted, and divisive is okay. Hint: It’s not.

Had he run his campaign with the tone he used in his acceptance speech, I think a lot of people would be feeling better about his win. I appreciate that he’s said that we need to come together, but he’s the one who, to a large degree, tore us apart. He insulted most of the population. We’re going to need time to get past that. The only thing I have going for me is that I’m a legal citizen who happens to be white, something I’ve never felt the need to count on before.

Now, let’s see if he actually makes any improvements to America. It was already great, by the way.


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